If you really need to know what BPA is, look at all the functions that handle themselves in an insurance claim.

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See how BPA works. Imagine each of these steps being done manually by humans (that’s how Indian government offices function), it will be chaotic everywhere. The sole purpose behind automating processes is to reduce costs, reduce the time taken, increase productivity and efficiency.

Now, we have to understand that BPA is a part of BPM.

BPM is responsible for simultaneous effective functions off all the departments in a business, while BPA is responsible for functions inside a single department. BPA is like one of the goons in a Bruce Lee movie while BPM is the main villain who has sent the goons.

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Another important goon in the pockets of the BPM is BPI (Business Process Improvement). Now the difference between BPA and BPI is pretty clear, one automates it and the other improves it. BPI is used to redesign the entire process and re engineer them to improve the processes.

To shed more light on BPA and BPI here’s a snippet from a favorite blog of mine.


BPI’s pragmatic approach can yield almost double the productivity gain than BPA. But when put together, the two applications can yield a much higher productivity than their individual returns.