I’m not going to give an introductory post here (Read my BIO). Let’s get to the point. Business Process Management (BPM), what is it?

As the name gives away, it’s about managing the processes in your business, but what processes are we talking about? It could be as simple as a ‘Leave Request’ (well most of them struggle with this), to a complex one such as below


(Credits to BPM institute for the image)

Now, the olden days (some call it as golden days), used to have on-prem huge system which manages all the data (takes up huge office space) and had a dedicated person maintaining it (poor soul).

Well, coming back from the stone age to the present where everything is stuck up in an imaginary place called ‘Cloud’. Most of us believe in imaginary person watching over us, so this shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of us to accept it.

But, some of us have problems with it. Guess that science will always have to deal with them. So let me point out some common sense as to why Cloud is a better option.

Security – It’s more secure than hosting it in on your so called local servers and then having to safeguard it and literally having to live with it. Service providers such as ‘Google Cloud Platform’ or ‘Amazon Web Services’ have teams, let me say again ‘Teams’ of highly efficient individuals looking after the safety of the data.

It’s a like hiring an army instead of a security guard, unless that security guard is Chuck Norris then yes go with him.

Now comes the classic question – ‘What if the internet goes down?’

In fact it did in recent times (AWS S3 shutdown), but that did not stop us continuing our work, and you know why? It’s because we had backups(duh!), we had backups of the backup and the service providers had backups. So we went on with our lives as though nothing happened.

Now, what if your vendor looses the data or you’re hacked or a virus hits your local system? Good luck getting back from those.

Okay, now ‘What about updates and bug fixes’?

Seriously? A company with dedicated security is gonna let you down with updates and bug fixes. I get that some of us human beings are control freaks and they would be happy dispatching their own teams, but you don’t have to.

We might not be having flying cars yet, but we really don’t have to worry about simple things, I guess we need Elon Musk to convince these guys.

The real concern you guys have is that there’re a lot of startups that open over night and shuts down at dawn.

Now that is a real concern, but this is where your vital organ called ‘Brain’ comes into play. Do some research, read some reviews, talk to existing customers, and think. Basically do what you will do when you buy a car or a motorcycle or whatever pleases you.

Now, I may not have convinced you to go stick it up in a cloud, but have some thought why cloud would be a better place.

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