No, I’m not gonna talk about robots taking over jobs, GOD! would somebody stop that madness? It’s like watching a movie where the logic is written by a pigeon (No offence pigeon). I’m going to jot down the essentials of an office automation software.

Regardless of your realization, you’ve already been through automation. So, think twice before you start criticizing it. If you can accept using a computer in the place of a typewriter, or an email in the place of pigeon letter, then you’ve already embraced automation.

‘But that did not take away jobs’

Oh yeah, the typewriter went out of the market and do you know how many companies that invested in it took a nosedive, when typewriters did?

Automation is here to make our lives easier and not more miserable (as if it already isn’t). There are a lot of automation happening in various sectors but, here are some essentials in an office automation software that I think are indispensable.

Now, when you opt for a system that automates your workflow, you should be the one who deals with the operations and not the system. Essentially, it should be YOU who should let the system know what should be happening and not vice versa.

Come on, this is not a Ridley Scott movie where you click or touch and the system does everything.

Now the critical part is that the system should have access controls. Now, Sauron is the best example for role based access control. He has Saruman and the nine kings under him, who control Orc group leaders, who in turn controls the rest of the Orc army. Typically, that is how it should be.

If you’ve no idea of the reference used above, here’s a picture of Sauron below.



He’s constantly watching.

Now the third is the approval process, everything has to go through an approval process and it has to be seamless. Look for a system which lets you structure your approval process, so that you don’t have to have a water cooler talk every now and then.

Now this feature is something that is way more useful, when you have that one employee who always needs a coffee break and you need to wait for them to get back for the process to resume. Yeah, now you don’t have to do that, go Cloud. Tell them that they can do their work even at coffee breaks and let them know it’s all in the cloud.

If you’re worrying about cloud, please read my previous blog.

Last but not least, Integration. This is so important for a workflow automation software. We use tons of software in our daily work and having to integrate every one of them is a head breaker. Look for a system that does it for you, and you might have that time to glance at that new girl from sales.

But seriously dude, she’s not into you.

There are tons and tons of options for a Workflow Automation Software. If you do your homework, research and then keep the above things in mind, you’ll be fine.

Remember, it is not always about the tool. If it was, then we’d all be working for a robot.

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